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This is all about CSI: LV (Crime Scene Investigation: Los Vegas), the television show. It contains episodes that I have gotten from the main CSI: Las Vegas site, as well as Wikipedia.
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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    CSI: Las Vegas Main Characters


    Gender Male
    Hair color White
    Eye color Blue
    City Las Vegas
    Job CSI
    Rank CSI Level 3
    Position Nightshift Supervisor
    Current status Alive
    Portrayed by William Petersen
    First appareance Pilot


    Gilbert (Gil) Arthur Grissom, Ph.D. (August 17, 1956 - ) is a fictional character featured on the TV crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Grissom is played by William Petersen, who is also one of the show's producers.


    Grissom is the nightshift supervisor of the Las Vegas CSI team. He is also a forensic entomologist who earned his degree in biology from UCLA. Because of this knowledge (and his ability to apply it to his investigations), Grissom has been nicknamed "The Bug Man."


    The character has strong tendencies toward ethics, logic and deduction. His dispassionate demeanor and high intellect often work to his advantage in his job. However, his avoidance of job politics and sometimes poor interpersonal skills can alienate his superiors and subordinates. He is never disturbed by the various subcultures with which his job brings him into contact. He hates abusive husbands and drug dealers who "deal death to kids." He is also the least trigger happy CSI member, rarely drawing his firearm.


    Grissom's mother is deaf; because of this, he knows sign language. He has inherited his mother's otosclerosis, a disease which was causing him to go deaf slowly, but he underwent corrective surgery.


    Grissom's hobbies include his work, cockroach racing, reading, solving crossword puzzles, and riding roller coasters.


    Little is known about Grissom's past or personal life. He grew up in Marina Del Rey, California. His father, a botanist, died when he was nine years old, most likely from a heat stroke. He says that in high school, he was a "ghost." He was raised to believe in the Roman Catholic Church, but later said, "That guilt's not a part of my life anymore."


    In as much as Grissom confides to anyone, he confides in Catherine Willows. He once obliquely likened her to "his wife." He has a largely unspoken attraction to Sara Sidle. He has supported Warrick Brown through several brushes with the law. He shares a good friendship with Dr. Al Robbins.


    He was strongly attracted to Lady Heather, and it was implied they spend a night together ("Lady Heather's Box"). Though a case make things go sour between them, it's been implied by the producers that that's not the last word about it.


    Grissom keeps a variety of specimens in his office, including a radiated fetal pig and a tarantula. He also has a fish-shaped bulletin board on which unsolved cases go ("the ones that got away.") In keeping with the fish theme, he has a Big Mouth Billy Bass over the door to his office, claiming that it's "better than a watchdog."


    His full name is 'Gilbert Grissom'. However, most people refer to him as Grissom and call him as such when speaking to him, he is also often called 'Gris', usually by Warrick Brown; only Catherine and Dr. Al Robbins regularly refer to him as 'Gil'.


    His health not only consists of the recently repaired otosclerosis, but the occasional migraine, which he has prescription medication for.




    The night shift team supervisor for the Las Vegas CSI unit, and a forensic entomologist with a degree in biology from UCLA. Nicknamed "The Bug Man," Grissom knows American sign language (ASL) and has inherited his mother's otosclerosis, a disease which was causing him to slowly go deaf which developed into a major plot thread throughout the third season. The surgery (and subsequent recovery) required to correct this onset of otosclerosis symptoms occurred in the unshown period between the third and fourth seasons. His hobbies include his work, cockroach racing, reading, solving crossword puzzles, and riding roller coasters.


    His original team was made up of four main CSIs, with assistance from a team of technicians. During the first four seasons, his team included Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, and Sara Sidle. With the creation of the swing shift team in the middle of the fifth season, his team now consists of Sara Sidle, Sofia Curtis, and Greg Sanders. In season five finale, he said that he wanted his team back. At the start of season six, the team is brought back together.


    It has also been revealed that Grissom's father died when he was nine years old.




    Gender Female
    Hair color Blond
    Birthdate March 26, 1963
    City Las Vegas
    Job CSI
    Rank CSI Level 3
    Position Nightshift CSI, former swing shift supervisor
    Current status Alive
    Known relatives Lindsay Willows (daughter), Sam Braun (biological father), Lily (mother), Eddie(ex-husband, deceased), Unnamed sister
    Portrayed by Marg Helgenberger
    First appareance Pilot

    Catherine Willows (Born March 26, 1963) is a fictional person in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She is a very close friend to Gil Grissom. She handles her daughter, Lindsey (born in 1992), her job, and her love life roughly at times (such as in the episode "Weeping Willows"), but otherwise is a very talented person, and can handle those things very well. She is played by Marg Helgenberger.


    Even after her divorce, Catherine's ex-husband Eddie continues to reappear. He appears in several episodes, including once as a suspected rapist ("Who are you?"). When he files for a second mortgage on their home, without Catherine's knowledge, she is furious when she finds out. They have a fight while Catherine is at work, and Grissom steps in because it appears Eddie is going to hit her. Eddie accuses them of having "something going on." Later, he files a complaint with Child Services, complaining that Catherine is neglecting Lindsay for her work. Finally, in "Lady Heather's Box," Eddie is killed and Catherine receives a distraught call from her daughter who is alone in a sinking car. Catherine manages to find Lindsay and pull her from the car before she drowns. Eddie's body is found later.


    In more recent episodes, Catherine seems to be having some trouble with Lindsay. In the episode "Harvest" she is caught hitchhiking and Catherine is furious, and brings her in to the lab to see a body, so that she would know the world isn't a safe place.


    It is later revealed that she (Catherine) is the illegitimate daughter of Sam Braun ("Inside the Box"), one of the top hotel moguls in Las Vegas. Catherine is later removed from a case in which he is a suspect because of conflict of interests. ("No More Bets")


    Catherine dates in several episodes, including "Weeping Willows" when a man with whom she had a brief encounter becomes a suspect in a murder at the bar where she had been.


    Catherine earned a B.S. in Medical Technology from the University of Las Vegas, and is currently a CSI Level 3. She is the second most senior (after Grissom) CSI at the night shift at the Las Vegas Criminalists Bureau.


    She doesn't believe that forensics is just pure science; she likes to know the 'why' of cases, not just the 'how.' However, she doesn't worry that technology will make their jobs obsolete. She's active in keeping up education-wise with her job, and attended a seminar/conference at the American Academy in Chicago. She was offered Grissom's job after he'd ticked off the Sheriff during the Strip Strangler case, but she prefers that any promotion she receives be on merit, not because Grissom is "politically tone-deaf."


    In 2005 Catherine was promoted to Swing Shift supervisor, with Nick and Warrick to work under her, but the team was reunited under Grissom the next season. Catherine and her best friend Gil Grissom have a very close relationship, even though there is an occasional rough patch. He once likened her to "his wife," but there does not seem to be any physical attraction between the two. There does seem to have been some attraction between Catherine and Warrick Brown, and she reacts badly when she finds out he got married. Catherine has little tolerance for Sara Sidle, which has caused disagreements with Grissom. Catherine is also a sort of mother figure to the other guys.


    Catherine has had to pull her gun twice, and use it once to shoot Syd Goggle who was attempting to kill Grissom. ("Strip Strangler")




    A blood spatter analyst. She was second-in-command of the nightshift for the first four seasons, assuming command when Grissom was out of town or otherwise on leave. She recently moved teams to become supervisor of the new swing shift team. Willows, originally from Bozeman, Montana, first worked as a stripper in order to pay her way through college at UNLV where she studied medical technology. She has a young daughter, Lindsey. Tragically, after her ex-husband's murder, she was unable to find evidence to assist in convicting his killer.







    Gender Female
    Hair color Brown
    Eye color Brown
    Birthdate September 16, 1971
    City Las Vegas
    Job CSI
    Rank CSI Level 3
    Position Nightshift CSI
    Current status Alive
    Portrayed by Jorja Fox
    First appareance Cool Change


    Sara Sidle (September 16, 1971 - ) is a fictional character featured in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Sara is 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 metres) tall. Her weight is estimated at 107 pounds. She is a brunette, having straight, shoulder length hair and brown eyes. She is depicted by actress Jorja Fox.


    Sara was born in Tamales Bay, an hour and a half outside of San Francisco. She had an older brother, who she once got in trouble when she found his bag of weed and showed it to her mother, thinking it was dirt. Her parents were ex-hippies who ran a bed and breakfast, where she preferred to associate with the adults over the children. Her intellect, energy and curiosity were much greater than that of a typical child. She was a perfectionist. It seemed that the roles of parent and child were reversed. They told her to relax and take it easy, and she in turn responded by creating business models for their B&B so they could take it public and franchise it.


    In Season 5 it is revealed that Sara's mother murdered her father, and she was taken into foster care. She remembers being the child whose father was murdered. She cannot remember the name of the social worker who took her away from the murder scene, but remembers being unable to let go of her hand.


    In high school, Sara preferred to befriend teachers over students and she often ate alone in the library. Her physics teacher inspired her interest in science. She graduated as valedictorian at age sixteen, having aced her exams.


    She was accepted among the early admissions of Harvard University with a large scholarship. She found it to be a freeing experience because she felt she was finally among her equals. She graduated at the top of her class with a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics from Harvard.


    Sara decided to pursue an advanced degree from University of California, Berkeley. She graduated with Master's degree. While in graduate school, she started a Work-study position at the San Francisco Coroner's office. She chose to stay on and worked her way up to a CSI Level 2. In order to keep up with new developments, she audited lectures and seminars with local universities. This is what led her to meet Gil Grissom.


    Gil Grissom met Sara at one of his entomology lectures, where she asked him for advice and he took interest in her curious nature. He suggested they keep in touch. He later called her in from San Francisco to help with the Holly Gribbs case- an on-duty homicide of a rookie CSI. After the case was solved, the newly appointed supervisor Grissom invited Sara to stay on as a permanent member of the Las Vegas, Nevada night shift. He trusted her, and being new to the team, he had her investigate allegations against Warrick Brown.


    Sara is currently a CSI Level III at the LVPD Criminalistics Bureau. Her forensics specialty is materials and element analysis.


    Sara loves her work, and is as obsessed if not more so than Grissom when it comes to the case. She is passionate about her cases and often lets her emotions get ahead of her, especially in cases that involve violence against women. This can be both a benefit and a difficulty when working a case. Her passion moves her to go beyond the call of duty (she spent hours searching through missing persons reports to identify a Jane Doe) but can also make her lose focus on what her job truly is. She has a problem with authority, and is almost fired in Season 5 when she argues with Catherine Willows and Conrad Ecklie.


    Her work is her life, and she has no outside interests or hobbies. On her evaluation, Grissom gave her an outstanding remark, but said she needed to improve her ability to prioritize.


    Sara is unmarried. In Season 3 she had a boyfriend, Hank Peddigrew , who was an emergency medical technician. He was involved in several of her cases. Through the whole series, she and Grissom have had some sort of attraction between the two of them. Also, one of the lab techs, Dave Phillips has a crush on her but she keeps him at arm's length.


    Sara's personality is that of a loner. Her hobbies are all work related (listening to her police scanner and reading forensic journals). She prefers to work with corpses over live people and is not sure what to do with children (as is evident in her interactions with Brenda Collins, a child who survived a family massacre). She does not trust other people, especially men.


    Sara is very forthright in her attitude, and that can rub people the wrong way. She butted heads with Catherine Willows when they first met and had to work together on the Holly Gribbs case, but as they got to know each other, they've since become good friends.


    Compassionate towards others, especially women who have been assaulted or abused, Sara puts her whole self into every case. When a rapist was on the loose, selecting victims much like herself, she offered herself as bait. She has a fiery temper that flares up when she feels justice is not being served to those women. She also has a soft spot for animals- after seeing Grissom's pig experiment she became vegetarian, and she puts in additional time on a case involving a slaughtered Gorilla.


    She's an enigma... all softness and teary-eyed at times, and tough as nails at others. Perhaps this stems from her dilemma over who she really is and how she wants to be perceived.


    She has changed over time. She decides to pursue outside interests after identifying too closely with a victim who ordered from catalogues and ate take-out (You've Got Male) which resulted in her having a relationship with Hank. However, when Hank betrays her ("Crash and Burn") and she finds out he has another girlfriend (who was injured in one of her cases) she does not give him a second chance. A close call in a lab explosion motivates her to ask Grissom out when she realizes that she could have been killed.


    In recent seasons, Sara seems to be on a downward spiral. Cases get more difficult for her emotionally and at the end of Season 4 she's caught DUI and Grissom is called in. While not charged, she is humiliated in front of her supervisor. In season 5 she loses her temper at a suspect, and then at Catherine and Ecklie. When there is talk of her being dismissed, Grissom steps in and goes to Sara to find the real reasons for her behaviour. She admits she has a problem with authority, chooses males who are emotionally unavailable and has a self destructive streak. His further probing reveals her traumatic past. More specifically, in the series 5 episode "Nesting Dolls" Sara reveals to Grissom that her mother killed her father. It seems that Sara's father was abusive and her mother finally snapped. Sara became 'the girl whose father was stabbed to death'.




    A materials and element analyst. A physics major at Harvard University, Sidle previously worked for the San Francisco coroner and crime lab. She was recruited by Grissom, a man she sees as more than just a boss.


    Sidle sometimes takes her assignments a bit too personally, especially if the victim is a woman. She was raised in a violent and abusive family, and lived in foster care after her mother killed her father. The details of this unpleasant past only started to be explicitly revealed during the latter part of the fourth season with a pattern of alcoholism seen to emerge. This culminated in a somewhat fortuitous escape from a driving under the influence (DUI) charge.







    Gender Male
    Hair color Black
    Eye color Brown
    Birthdate October 10, 1970
    City Las Vegas
    Job CSI
    Rank CSI Level 3
    Position Nightshift CSI
    Current status Alive
    Known relatives Tina (wife), unnamed Grandmother
    Portrayed by Gary Dourdan
    First appearance Pilot

    Warrick Brown (born October 10, 1970) is a fictional character on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, played by Gary Dourdan.


    Prior to becoming a C.S.I., Warrick worked as a casino runner throughout his teenage years. He put himself through college working as a taxi driver, a bell captain at the Sahara, selling helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, and a grave digger before finding his way to the LVPD and CSI.


    Warrick is the only member of the team born and raised in Las Vegas. To this day, Warrick has never met his father. His mother passed away when Warrick was seven, leaving Warrick in the care of his maternal grandmother. He grew up in a strict household, and that meant he kept his position as a runner a secret from his grandmother. Warrick was quite literally born to live in Vegas. He loves the casinos, loves the action, loves the pulse of the city.


    Early in the series, Warrick had a severe gambling problem, one that even started to cross into his professional career. He once left a crime scene leaving a new CSI, Holly Gribbs, on her own so he could make a bet. Left without backup, the perpetrator of the crime Holly and Warrick were investigating returned to the scene and murdered Holly. Grissom was supposed to fire Warrick for this, but having already lost one CSI, didn't want to lose another.


    He can move just as easily through the Clark County courthouse as he can through the Sportsbook at Hard Rock. To let off steam, he DJs at clubs run by his friends, and writes his own songs. Spending his whole life in the city means Warrick knows at least one person in every bar, club, and hotel in the city. He's connected, and he uses those connections to move between his worlds. He went through a lot of women in his early twenties, but the first time he fell in love, the woman broke his heart. He now looks at women with a cautious eye. Warrick knows how all the games are played in Las Vegas and is aware of the universal truth of the city -- only the house wins consistently because the odds are stacked against everyone else. Warrick's got enough of a rebel in him to challenge those odds, and enough of a realist in him to know the only one watching out for him is him, so he'll cut his losses to fight again another day if need be.


    Warrick maintains a good friendship with fellow CSI Nick Stokes. Warrick becomes extremely upset when Nick is kidnapped and buried alive in the end of season 5, as he felt it should have been him to volunteer for the assignment that got Nick kidnapped. He pushed the team as hard as he could when investigating Nick's disappearance, not knowing what he'd do if he was unable to save his friend.


    In Season Six Warrick was found out to be married, much to the shock (and possible dismay) of Catherine Willows.




    A Las Vegas native and a chemistry major from UNLV, is an audio/visual analyst. A major theme of the first season (and especially the pilot episode) was his addiction to gambling and his subsequent attempts at recovery. He was also blackmailed by a judge over this issue, but he eventually told Grissom about it, and the judge was arrested.


    He was part of Grissom's team for the first four seasons, but was transferred to the swing shift team under Willows in the middle of the fifth season. In the season five finale, we saw how close he is to his best friend, Nick Stokes. He has recently been married, between the fifth and sixth seasons, to a doctor named Tina.




    Gender Male
    Hair color Brown
    Birthdate August 18, 1971
    City Las Vegas
    Job CSI
    Rank CSI Level 3
    Position Nightshift CSI
    Current status Alive
    Known relatives Bill Stokes (father), Jillian Stokes (mother), several unnamed older siblings
    Portrayed by George Eads
    First appearance Pilot


    Nick Stokes (born August 18, 1971) is a fictional character on the drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He is portrayed by actor George Eads.


    Stokes spent his first three years out of college on the Dallas police force, then transferred to the Dallas crime lab, spending one year as CSI level 1 before transferring to the Las Vegas crime lab.


    When he was nine years old, Nick had a traumatic experience, most likely molestation, at the hands of a last-minute replacement babysitter. He never told anyone until 2001, when he confided in Catherine Willows in episode 203, "Overload". Because of this Nick easily loses his cool, becoming irrational and even violent, when investigating crimes against children.


    Nick was nearly killed when he was incapacitated using chloroform, put inside a glass coffin and buried underground in the two-part season five finale "Grave Danger". It turned out he was the target of an attack on the CSI team by a man whose daughter was implicated in a murder case. Nick's coworkers rushed to his rescue and managed to save him from the brink of death.


    During the sixth season of CSI, Nick grew a moustache, but soon got rid of it.




    An easygoing and friendly former college baseball player and fraternity member with a degree in criminal justice from Texas A&M, is a hair and fiber analyst from Dallas, Texas. In Episode 203, "Overload," it is revealed that when Nick was 9 years old, he was sexually abused by a last-minute female babysitter.


    He was part of Grissom's team for the first four seasons, but was transferred to the swing shift team under Willows in the middle of the fifth season. Unlike other CSIs, Nick had many troubles with suspects: In episode 106, "Who are You", he has a gun placed in his face. In episode 220, "Stalker", he is thrown out of a second-story window, and stalked by the murderer, being held at gunpoint by his stalker. In the season five finale "Grave Danger", he was kidnapped by Walter Gordon and buried alive for a ransom of one million dollars. Nick was also nearly arrested when a prostitute was found dead in her house only hours after he'd been there for a one-night stand (not paid for).


    In season six, it is discovered that the daughter of Walter Gordon, Kelly Gordon, is involved in the murder of a lawyer who was handling her father's assets.





    Gender Male
    Birthdate January 3, 1953
    City Las Vegas
    Job Police detective
    Rank Captain
    Position Homicide Captain
    Current status Alive
    Known relatives Ellie Rebecca Brass (daughter, not biological)
    Portrayed by Paul Guilfoyle
    First appearance Pilot

    Jim Brass (Born January 3, 1953) is a fictional character from the CBS Television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, portrayed by Paul Guilfoyle.


    Brass spent 20 years working his way up to homicide detective in New Jersey. He transferred out of Homicide and out of New Jersey 10 years ago and came to Las Vegas. He eventually came to run the CSI department, more as an administrator than as an investigator. Brass has stated that he would want Gil Grissom's CSI Team to investigate his murder. Brass served in the United States Marine Corps.


    Brass used to have Grissom's job as the supervisor of the CSI team. But after Holly Gribbs was murdered, he lost his position to Grissom. Brass was then given the position as a homicide detective, usually serving as the legal muscle for the CSI team and the one who does most of the arresting and interrogating of suspects. He's usually the one to draw his gun and doesn't like it when his CSIs try to take dangerous matters like arresting suspects into their own hands. He also gets on gun-hating Grissom's case for not drawing his firearm, even in appropriate situations.


    Brass also has an estranged daughter, Ellie, who's not biologically his but she doesn't know it. As he explains it to Warrick in the episode Ellie: "Call it the mailman. Ellie doesn't know."




    Brass was the head of the CSI unit in Las Vegas until he was moved back to the police homicide division in the pilot episode. He was originally from New Jersey. He's now Captain in the homicide division and works usually with the CSI team. He's divorced and has a daughter named Ellie. It is revealed in episode 208, "Ellie," that she is not biologically related to Brass.


    In two-part episode "A Bullet Runs Through It," Brass faces the guilt of accidentally killing a fellow officer in an intense shootout.






    Gender Male
    Hair color Sand blond
    Birthdate May 5th, 1975
    City Las Vegas
    Job CSI, former lab tech
    Rank CSI Level 1
    Position Nightshift CSI, formerly DNA analyst
    Current status Alive
    Portrayed by Eric Szmanda
    First appareance Pilot

    Greg Sanders (born May 5th, 1975) is a fictional character featured on the US crime drama television show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Greg is played by Eric Szmanda.


    Greg Sanders grew up in San Gabriel, California. Although friends and family told him that science was for geeks, Greg knew from a young age that he wanted to become a scientist. In Coming of Rage (season 4 episode 10), we find out that he had a palate expander, braces, a retainer, and head gear while growing up. Although he was never good at sports, Greg was the captain of the high school chess team.


    Greg successfully managed to juggle studying and athletics, and eventually went on to earn his degree in chemistry from Stanford University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He has a wide variety of hobbies, including surfing, SCUBA, and numismatics (the study of money - in the episode Precious Metal his knowledge of the subject helps the investigation along). In Precious Metal we also learn Greg likes super models and latex.


    Greg could be considered the most "normal" member of the CSI team. He's always smiling, he remains somewhat optimistic and he maintains a lot of interests aside from his Crime Lab work (he listens to Marilyn Manson while running lab machines and hides porno magazines in some area cabinets). This is most likely due to his youth; he hasn't been fully subjected to the horrors of this job like the rest of the team. He is also not concerned with the financial aspect of a job just the joy that it brings.


    In one episode (season 3 episode 22 Play With Fire) he was involved in a lab explosion in which he survived.


    He started out as the resident lab rat, sitting quietly in his lab working away on the loads of evidence and DNA the CSIs brought in, usually responsible for making discoveries about pieces of evidence that would crack a case open. Eventually Greg grew tired of the lab and longed for a position out in the field. He failed his first test when he urinated in a toilet at a crime scene, but eventually attained the rank of CSI level one. At his low rank, he mostly only assists at crime scenes, collecting evidence and helping the more experienced CSIs. He rarely interviews suspects. However, as the series continues, it is quite possible this will change.


    Early on in the show, Greg had a huge crush on Sara Sidle, which may or may not have disappeared. However the two remain close friends, as Sara was Greg's mentor through his training and continues to offer him helpful hints.




    A young lab technician who idolizes Grissom and has been endeavoring to get out in the field since episode 218, "Chasing the Bus." Near the end of the third season, he was injured in a lab explosion when an unknown substance was placed next to an active heat source by Catherine Willows. He recovered fully from the incident.


    He sporadically worked in the field throughout the third and fourth seasons, and officially became a CSI Level 1 in the fifth season, joining Grissom's night shift. He failed his exam the first time around after urinating in the toilet at a crime scene.





    Gender Male
    Hair color Grey
    Eye color Blue
    City Las Vegas
    Job Medical Examiner
    Position Nightshift Coroner
    Current status Alive
    Portrayed by Robert David Hall
    First appearance Who Are You

    Albert (Al) Robbins is a fictional character featured in the United States crime drama television show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Robbins is portrayed by Robert David Hall.


    Robbins is the Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) of the Las Vegas Police Department, working in close conjunction with Gil Grissom and his nightshift team of CSIs.


    Little is known of Robbin’s personal life. He is married (he is seen in a Season One episode eating leftovers of his anniversary dinner) with several children, the youngest of whom was born circa 1987; in the episode “Overload”, he remarks that his youngest just turned fourteen.


    Robbin’s first appearance was in the Season One episode “Who Are You?”. He became a series regular from Season Three.


    He has a fondness for coffee, specifically macchiato’s (“Table Stakes”), has a pet Siamese cat which had kittens in season 5, and rock music, playing guitar in a band he has formed with the day shift coroner. He walks with a limp and uses crutches because of his prosthetic legs. It is not clear what happened to him, although the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Companion makes reference to his involvement in an accident with a drunk driver which resulted in the amputation of both his legs.

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